Monday, October 29, 2007

Youtube Video of the Day: Typical Leafs Fans

The funniest Leafs fan video around. I know not all Leafs fans are like this, but the normal ones have some 'splainin to do. Some may be jokes, but I know a couple of them have to be real. I'm pretty sure that second caller is our own Ron Guillet ;)


Ron Guillet said...

How did you know I changed my name to Nicky for one day? Horton that plays with Choochoo! You know who that is!

I love how Andy Frost says ''stay off the drugs and alchool'' lmao.

I will get my revenge btw, DEVILS fan!

Eggshmeg said...

Hey, alot of people use phony names when calling into a radio show ;)

I call your revenge and raise you a stanley cup in the past 10 years.

Ron Guillet said...

I call your stanley cup in the past 10 years and raise you a stanley cup in the past 40 years!

Ha? ................:(

Avsfan19 said...

I really think JFJ should've pulled the trigger on Green for Savard the sniper.