Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday's Notes

In case you haven't heard already, Randy Jones of the Flyers has received a 2 game suspension for his check-from-behind on the Bruins' Patrice Bergeron. That is less than I expected, but it's good that it did not go unpunished. Blatant hits from behind like that should not, and can not be tolerated.

There will be a new poll up shortly, last week I asked the question "Who has had the best start to the season so far", and the winner by a slim margin was Martin Gerber who had 17 of 82 votes. Second place was Mats Sundin with 15 of 82 votes, and third place was Paul Stastny with 14 of 82 votes.

You may have also noticed that the banner was updated, featuring a darker, easier to read font. I'd like to thank jking72 from The Sports Lodge for all of his time and hard work put into making the banner, because it is a very important aspect of the site. It is truly appreciated.