Friday, October 19, 2007

Jonathan Toews: Here to Stay

Judging by the fantastic, highlight-reel goal he scored today on Jose Theodore (not like that's hard or anything, even Paris Hilton could do it) he better be on the Hawks for good. This kid has hands like butter, and the poise of a veteran. I'm not only a fan because he was captain of the Canadian world junior squad, I'm just a fan because he is contributing to the team and having fun out there. You can just tell that he wants to stay up by his body language, and I wouldn't be surprised if he captains the Hawks sometime soon. He is providing a spark that has been noticeably missing from the Blackhawks for the past few years. He'll be on HNIC tomorrow against the Leafs, and I'm excited to get to see him play in the spotlight. Not everything is hunkey-dorey about him though, he's got a guttermouth like you wouldn't believe.


Ron Guillet said...

Nice Paris Hilton Zing lmao.

That goal was amazing, I'm not convinced it will be the best goal of the season, like alot of analysts are already saying, but it will be a top 3 or 5 guaranteed. Toews is becoming quite the player....anyone think 80 points is not out of reach in his first season? That's a little scary... thank god he's a Western player.