Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chris Mason: Nashville's Saviour

I am shocked about the way Chris Mason has been playing. I know it has only been two games, but this man is on fire. I know that he turned most people's heads last season, but now I'm starting to see why they traded away Tomas Vokoun. He started off the season with a shutout against Ryan Smyth and the Avs, then he followed it up with a 5-1 win over Dallas in his second game. He just looks so comfortable in there right now, and he deserves to be recognized. I honestly believe he can make a serious shot at the Vezina Trophy this season if he keeps this up. Mason is entering his prime years, so this type of play may only last for the next couple of years, but he deserves some praise from non-Predators fans. I was looking forward to see how he would play with a Timonen-less Predators lineup in front of him, but so far he is showing no ill effects. Dallas isn't a high powered offence, that's for sure, and Colorado may have just had an off night, so it will be interesting to keep an eye on him in the weeks to come. If nobody has him in you fantasy pool, I highly recommend you pick him up.

I'd also like to take this time to announce a new feature coming to this site in the coming weeks. I attend a lot of hockey games throughout the year, whether it be AHL, Junior A/B, or otherwise, and I will be submitting my "Amateur Scouting Reports" on the goalies that play (since that's what I know). I'll try to focus on players who have their rights drafted by an NHL team (which will be easy for an AHL game), or are entering the upcoming draft. I live in Hamilton, so the Bulldogs are the source of most of my games (I can hear the Habs fans shrieking with joy), and you will see some in depth reports on Halak, Danis, and any other goalie who starts a game for the Dogs, but I'll try to watch the opposing team's goalie more. I may also throw in the odd position player, but what do I know about them, I'm a goalie.