Monday, October 22, 2007

The Leafs Defensive Woes : A Major Problem?

After suffering another loss to the Chicago Blackhawks by a score of 6-4, it is quite apparent that this club struggles on D. Eklund, the anonymous hockey blogger, posted a very interesting blog about trading Tomas Kaberle, I suggest you read it. Kaberle has a NTC in his contract though, unless he agrees to such a deal then it ain't happening. The thought of trading our best d-man and 2nd best player overall ( soon to be best) is scary. Kaberle, at 28, is just entering his prime and he will get better, which is extremely encouraging and it bodes well for an anchor, among many, for success. But that's the problem, we lack those other anchors, this team is a middle-of-the-pack club with no real future.

I believe that the Leafs could indeed build a club for the future without trading Kaberle; a player who will get better and lead this team for years to come. Of course, the easiest way would be to trade the vets and ice a young club, a Marlies club, rather and sink in the standings picking up high draft picks in the process. But unfortunately, Leaf Nation is too stubborn and impatient to withstand such rebuilding. If it wasn't for JFJ's NTC's and lucrative contracts on D this would be much easier...but simply said, the Leafs should trade Kubina and White. No offense to both, because I find them solid players, especially White, who is developing well as an offensive D-man. But the fact is, we already have Kaberle and McCabe for that. Not to mention Colaiacovo for the 2nd PP Unit. We need defensive d-man and replacing Kubina and White for defensive, shot blocking d-man will upgrade our club vastly IMO. Our D is the problem, period. They cannot shut-down opposition and they lack foot speed, take out two offensive minded d-man for two defensive specialists and suddenly we have a strong offense, solid goaltending, solid defense and IMO a solid team.


Eggshmeg said...

The leafs have defensive woes? You're kidding, right?

Ron Guillet said...

It's's true. Apparently, noweone told JFJ before he signed them.