Friday, October 19, 2007

Kyle Wellwood : The Hobbit Who Can?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are facing an original six foe tommorow night, one by the name of the Chicago Blackhawks. It isn't the fact that two prehistoric teams will be clashing head-to-head or even the fact that Trish Stratus is a Leafs fan that's creating an electric buzz around Leafs fans everywhere. It's a Hobbit known as Kyle Wellwood who is expected to make a return from the Shire. Wellwood is an intresting one, he was first a prospect in the system who wasn't really coveted and was expected to be a Marlies player in the 05-06 campaign... but an early season injury gave Wellwood the opportunity to crack the line-up and little did we know, he put 45 points in 81 games played for an impressive top 10 in rookie scoring. The following season, Wellwood was very impressive and was on a 70 point pace, but a sports hernia held him back and he finished with 42 points in 48 games. His soft sands, smooth deke's and exceptional playmaking made him among the fan favorites. But before this season even began, his groin acted up again, a time to panic? We're still pondering that one.

Kyle Wellwood is slated for a return tommorow night, and this is great news for one main reason. Our dreadful PP which is 28th in the league with a paltry 11.4%. Wellwood is now going to add a third option out there, and it's going to show how much a difference one player could make. The Leafs can now choose between McCabe and his slapshot, Sundin from the top of the circle and now Wellwood cross-crease pass to Tucker. However, I am expecting Wellwood to smooth in the line-up tommorow night so we'll probably see him start off on the 3rd line.

Prediction for tommorow night: 3-2 Leafs and just for fun for my Haberoo buddy's; 4-3 Sabres.

Until next time, amigo's.


Eggshmeg said...

I heard on the fan that him and Carlo would NOT start tomorrow, any news on that?

Ron Guillet said...

''Kyle Wellwood may be back tomorrow, too.

Carlo Colaiacovo might also be ready for his season debut against the Hawks''

Is the latest I got... it's from the The Sun. Before that it was expected to play so god knows... I'll search some more.

Eggshmeg said...

There's a feature coming up on Sportscentre in 5 mins, so that may shed some light on the situation

Eggshmeg said...

Wellwood didn't practice and Carlo felt some pain in his knee. Both are doubtful for tomorrow

Ron Guillet said...

Damn, I was hoping for a nice comeback from the duo... but it is kind of a positive, I won't be able to see the game tommorow so atleast their return won't be missed :D