Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Early ROTY Candidates

The question of the new poll is: Who will win the Calder Trophy this season? It's tough to predict who will stick on the big club because rookies can play 9 games and be sent down to their junior team, but lets just see who's out there. Here are your options to choose from in this new poll.

Erik Johnson - STL
Jonathan Toews - CHI
Patrick Kane - CHI
Jonathan Bernier - LA
Nicklas Backstrom - WSH
Carey Price - MTL
Other - (I.E Jack Johnson, Kyle Turris, Bobby Ryan, Sam Gagner, Nick Foligno)

This year has a pretty good crop of young studs so it's tough. I'm interested in seeing who the winner will be! As for the previous poll, What is your opinion on the new RBK Edge uniform system, here are the results:

I like them! - 18
They are awful! - 8
I don't really care... - 5

Thanks for voting!

UPDATE: Due to Ray Emery and JS Giguere not being able to start the season, they have dropped out of the top 10 rankings. Moving into the top 10 are Rick Dipietro and Kari Lehtonen.


gosensgo101 said...

I'm going to go with Bernier. He played well in London and probobly has the best chance at sticking with the big club and getting lots of ice time (in his cases starts).

Eggshmeg said...

I went with Toews. He'll have more ice time than most rookies, playing in Chicago, and has great poise out on the ice. He's almost like a seasoned veteran already.