Monday, October 8, 2007

Players Who Need to Make it to the NHL... NOW!

Just some of the more unfortunate names in the world of hockey at their finest:

10. Clayton Stoner - Defenceman
This Minnesota Wild prospect had his issues getting to the pros, but he seems to have worked it out and now plays a key role for the Houston Aeros. I'm talking about dealing with the taunting about his name, not any drug related issue. Get your mind out of the gutter.

9. Kim Staal - Forward
Montreal figured that there weren't enough Staals in the league already, so they went to Denmark to find (and to draft) their long-lost cousin.

8. Mike Wall - Goaltender
Filled in admirably in Anaheim last season, now with the Avs AHL affiliate. Shuts the door during key opportunities, you could say he builds a, errr... wall.

7. Matt Smaby - Defence
This University of North Dakota graduate smight crack the Lightning roster this season. I'm smrooting for him, are you?

6. Matt Generous - Defence
This Sabres prospect loves to dish out the assists, almost a little too much.

5. Stephen Baby - Forward
The Springfield Falcons love having a tough customer like him in their lineup. Easiest trash talk victim award goes to?

4. Michael Christ - Forward
In 11 career games so far in his German Elite League career, he has yet to notch a penalty minute. Is anyone surprised?

3. Scott Barney - Forward
I love you, you love me, but I'm still gonna take 32 penalty minutes playing for the Hershey Bears.

2. Michael Funk - Defence
This Rochester American loves to break it down... in the defensive zone. He also has Saturday night fever... for playing hockey.

1. Dmitry Shitikov - Forward
This Moscow Dynamo forward would be in the NHL right now if it weren't for the unfortunate strict rules against what you can put on the back of a jersey...


Avsfan19 said...

Unfortunately Wall is 4th down on the goalie depth chart..

Eggshmeg said...

Meh, he's got a cool name for a goalie though, you have to admit.

Petra said...

Interesting to know.