Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No Hockey (No GOOD Hockey) Makes Psycom Something...Something...

Go crazy?

In the words of Homer Simpson, "Don't mind if I do!"

Minus a extremely forgettable shlacking by Carolina, the Islanders get the pleasure of sitting on their duffs for roughly two weeks. 3 games in that span is generously brought to you by Gary Bettman and his NHL exec cronies, who also brought you great classics like "No Goal - Buffalo v. Dallas '99" and "The Great Southern Hockey Migration" .

So my massive Islander performance review will be postponed until the end of November, when we actually play hockey instead of me playing NHL 08 on my PC. Oh, I am 7-2 in it as the Islanders, I just beat the Rangers 3-1 so that helps a little.

While the Isles are still floating above the .500 mark, two blow out games in October has me worried, but as I said... November will be the real test.


Ron Guillet said...

Does this end of november Isles review include fish sticks, an anchorman reference, a pirate hooker, baxter and a talking bear!?

Psycom said...

I thought that was what a November review was!

Ron Guillet said...

Well right on then brother! I'll bring the burritos!