Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sidney Crosby Is Key, Don't You See?

Oh yea, what a rhyme that was. The point of that title was to state the following : Sidney Crosby is key to the Pittsburgh Penguins success ( who are looking scary finally) and he's back with a vengeance on the NHL scoring leaders.

The Wizard of Croz has been waving his magic stick like a magician on steroids. He now has a 10 game point-streak going and he accumulated a whopping 4 points tonight against the Minnesota Wild, who appear to be dropping quick without Marian Groinarik, Pavol Demitra and Niklas Backstrom.

Crosby is making a statement and he now has 17 points in the NHL to get back in the top 5 in NHL scoring ( where's Joe Thornton these days?). It won't be too long until he's in the top 3, then top 2 and eventually top 1, which I guess wouldn't qualify as a top if you're #1.

Keep your eyes peeled because this kid is ripping it up and he won't stop now. I predict a whopping 132 point finish with around 40 goals. As Gibby would say, ''write that down''.


Jenna~ said...

i love you so much Sindey Crosby!
I honestly hope one day I can meet you! Thats my biggest dream ever!