Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vesa Toskala Has Been Great, And I'm Sticking To It!

On the verge of a disheartening 4-2 loss to the Bruins, it appears as if Vesa Toskala is now being labelled ''average'' ''fair'' or even ''mediocre''. Give me a freakin' break. Give your head a shake while your at too. The guy has let in two.....TWO....weak goals all season. He's been giving us a chance to win every night and has made huge saves when needed, look at the games vs. Habs specifically. How on earth do you expect him to recover the Leafs defensive gaffes? These aren't your ordinary mistakes either, it's leaving your goaltender helpless and stranded in the crease....or outside of it. The Leafs, admittedly from Pavel Kubina, too often leave one offender in front of the net with no one covering him because the two defense-man chase ONE guy. Yea, and we wonder why we get scored on so much. Not only that, but the Leafs can't get control in their zone; every game they are running in circles in their own zone while the opposition passes the puck around with ease.... it's look like a PP for crying out loud. Also, if the opponents get a rush, our defense-man like to huddle up to the crease and screen our goalies, an effective task for losing games indeed.

To me, all this comes back to the negative, pathetic energy that surrounds this Leafs club. A drop of failure is a bucket full in a matter of seconds. And suddenly, your on the Jose Theodore train.

Give me a break!



Eggshmeg said...

Tuukka Rask sure looks good now doesn't he ;)

Ron Guillet said...

Egg, please delete mr.troll's comment if you would be so kind.

And yes, Rask does look good....... JFJ........god.......I.....hate you! :(

Eggshmeg said...

Yeah, I was about to. It's done now.

Avsfan19 said...

Seriously, that shot at poor Jose was not necessary. :P

Max to the House said...

Nice work RG.
I have to agree that Toskala is far from the Leafs biggest problem. He is constantly hung out to dry and considering the amount of chances that TO gives up I think he has played well.

TO's dmen are their downfall. Until they improve the goals will continue to pile up no matter who you put in the pipes.

Rask was great in goal the other night I must say. He has been lights out at Providence as well.

The thing that kills me the most is how inconsistent the Leafs are. They shutout Ott one night and then give a terrible performance the next? They do rebound well but they just can't string back to back positive performances together.