Thursday, November 8, 2007

"I've got it!! We'll play the games *wait for it*... ON TV!!

Well, it took over 70 years, but the Chicago Blackhawks finally got out from under their rocks and asked what the big fuss was about about that square thing that displays pictures and sounds... what do you call it again?

This week, Comcast SportsNet announced that they will air 7 Hawks home games, starting with the inter-divisional game versus the Detroit Red Wings this Sunday.

Despite this being a step in the right direction for the Blackhawks and for the fans in Chicago, I can't help but wonder a couple things:

1) What the Hell took the Blackhawks so long? I know their owner was in the later years of his life, and may he rest in piece, but surely he must've been alive when T.V. hit the market.

2) Seven games? Last I checked this isn't the original 6 anymore... every team gets to play 41 games in their arena. What are the Hawks afraid of in broadcasting the 34 other games?

But what's even more mind-boggling than the absurdity of the situation is the article in today's Chicago Sun-Times.

Apparently this Windy City reporter must've known known of this revolutionary invention either, because he makes it sound like none of the following things existed before the Hawks decided to air home games:

"Comcast SportsNet announced its coverage plans on Wednesday, and they'll be much different than what viewers have seen on the station during its coverage of road games, Jim Blaney and Steve Konroyd traditionally do their pre- and postgame shows from a studio. This time they'll do them live from the United Center.

Josh Mora will give live reports from between the benches during the game as well as some pregame player interviews from the same location. Kerry Sayers will interview celebrities in attendance throughout the telecast, and Hawks' assistant coach Ryan Stewart will communicate with the broadcast team throughout the game. A to-be-determined Hawks' player will also wear a wireless microphone throughout the game.

Comcast's intermission interview with a Hawks' player will air simultaneously on the United Center's Jumbotron for the first time, and the national anthem and pregame video introduction as well coach Denis Savard's postgame news conference will also be included in the broadcast package. The goal is to give viewers the full flavor of what it's like to attend a Hawks' home game."'

Apparently either:

a) whatever teams the Hawks are playing on the road haven't broadcast a game since the Korean War, or;

b) no one watches Chicago road games anyway (the latter part seems more believable).

All this stuff sounds pretty special, no doubt, but the author makes it sound like none of these things have ever happened in hockey broadcasting before. It's actually quite amusing. It's a treat for Hawks fans after having gone so long without home games televised, but the fact that it took the death of the owner (and I mean no offense to anyone in saying that) for Hawks management to wake up is a little pitiful. Rocky Wirtz and the Hawks took a step in the right direction this week, but they still have a long way to go.

Enjoy the game Hawks fans! It'll be... revolutionary!