Friday, November 16, 2007

Brodeur Denied #500... Again

Martin Broduer is now in a mini 3-game slump, keeping him stuck at 499 wins, highlighted by a crushing 1-0 defeat to the Islanders tonight. Kevin Weekes got to play in a game during this streak, which he won. I believe the New Yorkers call this the "A-Rod Curse". He knows that there are significantly more eyes watching this game because of the impending milestone, but is he losing because he's nervous? Absolutely not. Remember, this is the guy who won a gold medal with Team Canada, in arguably the most-watched game in Canada in the past ten years.

He's a future Hall of Famer, and has 3 Stanley Cup rings to his credit. 500 wins is just an icing on the cake that is his career, no need to be worried about it. Marty hasn't even been playing bad during this stretch, a stretch in which his team has only scored 11 goals in 7 games.

Rick Di Pietro was fantastic in the 1-0 win, stopping 26 shots. There was also a good fight between David Clarkson and Tim Jackman which added to an overall exciting game despite the lack of offense. Yes, it is possible to have an exciting 1-0 game!

Marty Brodeur just has to sit back and relax, win #500 will come soon enough, but hurry up already will ya? You're killing my fantasy team!


Avsfan19 said...

It's not his fault his team sucks. :D

Ron Guillet said...

Ditto to that, Avsfan!

Eggshmeg said...

Hey, but a below-average team with a spectacular goalie makes them an above-average team. They're just in a slump ;)