Thursday, November 1, 2007

Leafs vs. Devils : A Guaranteed Victory

Yes. That's right. I guarantee a victory tomorrow. Why? Because of Eggshmeg's hurtful words! :(On a serious note, tomorrow's match-up will be at 7 PM ET in New Jersey, not that it makes a difference. There's nobody in the arena anyway, we can pretty much call this a home game for the Leafs... unfortunately.)

The Devils have been off to a slow start, they have been horrendous in turnovers and Martin Brodeur is even struggling. But after a promising 6-1 drubbing of the Lighting, thinks may be on the up rise. Zach Parise has proved so far this season he was no aberration last season and he's been, in my opinion, their best player so far. Let's remember how much trouble the Devils gave us last season as well, most notably the one where they literally beat us in one period for a depressing 6-5 victory in the shootout.

The Leafs will most likely start Andrew Raycroft tomorrow. After Toskala let in 4 goals on 12 shots ( not his fault, his defense was pathetic), Paul Maurice will be looking to spark the line-up. After a 7-1 defeat to the lowly Capitals, the Leafs have been undergoing intense practices to get back in shape, but so far this season, that has proved to be ineffective. This weekend is a perfect, and I mean perfect chance for the Leafs to show who they really are and what kind of damage they can do. Two wins against the Devils and the Canadiens would be a nice message, and might spark this team up for the very tough schedule that proceeds. Quite simply, if they lose these two... they are pretty much screwed barring a miracle.

The Leafs can't wait for the Devils tomorrow. They're coming off a big win and they'll rip us apart if we do. We have to send the message, not them. Most importantly, the defense HAS to help the goaltender. This has cost us more then a few games already. Instead of huddling up in front of your goalie and letting the shooters get quality, from the circle shots; force them on the outside, make them battle in the corners and not get those golden opportunities in front of the net. Also, our defenders have to start leaving one man in front of the net at all times when in our zone, our D tends to chase the man which leaves the goaltender wide open and vulnerable.

We can win this, we just need to play with some intelligence for more then one period.


Eggshmeg said...

Hmm, team A coming off of a 6-1 win versus team B coming off a 7-1 loss... ;)

Ah yes, I remember that 6-5 shootout win like it was yesterday. I also remember a certain loss in the last game of the season last year to the Islanders. I've been calling Sergei Brylin the "Leaf Killer" ever since.

shallowfrozenwater said...

well, i don't think it's live or die but i think that the Devils can be had. their D does seem suspect and nobody seems to want to step up and take the lead for offensive production, much like it seems like the Leafs D doesnt want to step up and take the lead in defensive production. then again, i've maintained that the Leafs problem lies in the lack of backchecking forwards.
rumour is they're getting Johnson back, he'd help.

Eggshmeg said...

So what's this you were saying about a guaranteed win?

Ron Guillet said...

Let me cry in peace!!!

Eggshmeg said...