Sunday, November 4, 2007

Arbour Day

Al Arbour day, that is. Big Al made his comeback to the Islanders bench for his 1,500th game and a roaring ovation from Islander faithful.

Big Al came back for 1 night only and was rewarded in a huge way. By the fans, the coaches, and the players who gave him a 3-2 come from behind victory over the Penguins.

Al Arbour, also known as "Radar", led the Islanders to 4 Stanley Cups and retired as a legend with 1,499 games behind the Isles bench, the most by any coach for one team. Ted Nolan brought up the idea to Garth Snow, Islanders GM, and then they both pitched the theory to owner Charles Wang. With all three in agreement, Al Arbour made is triumphant return.

The Islanders responded in a huge way, storming out of the gate early in the game, only to have Ryan "I love playing the Islanders" Malone bust their balloon with the first goal of the game. Things didn't get much better for the boys in Orange and White when another shot was buried behind DiPietro by rookie Tyler Kennedy (...Kennedy.. sorry, wrestling reference!). Congrats to Mr. Kennedy on his 1st career NHL goal, one of many to come.

Trent Hunter finally broke through, igniting the still excited Isles fans, cutting the score in half. A surprise show... Miro Satan finally scored. Twice! The arena literally exploded on the final buzzer, but the night wasn't over yet. Not just one banner was lowered that night, but two. Al Arbour, 1,500 games coached. Al Arbour, 740 wins. Al Arbour, the man who said it best...

"I'm Al Arbour and I'm an Islander."

You always will be, Radar.

Side note: Rick DiPietro was stabbed in the eye by Sidney Crosby's stick and didn't come back to the game. Doctors say he is okay, but may miss a game or two. Arbour will have his 740 win banner raised later in the season.

Side note 2: I hate Ryan Malone!! He has the Isles number memorized and on freaking speed dial...


Eggshmeg said...

Classy move by the Isles. Hope DP's okay, but in the meantime, go Dubie!

Ron Guillet said...

Excellent blog, Psy. I can feel the Isles passion. Miroslav Satan finally helped my pool..... godm damn, I was ready to trade him!