Monday, November 19, 2007

Big night at the Bell Centre for the Big Bird

I'm not old enough to remember much of Larry Robinson's playing career, but the stories that I've heard, both from my father and from writers and broadcasters (among others) in Montreal, as well as the videos, pictures, etc, not to mention his coaching career in New Jersey, allow me to recognize that Larry Robinson is one of the greatest defensemen of all time.

Tonight, he gets his honors in Montreal, as after roughly 6:30 EST this evening, no Montreal Canadiens player will ever be allowed to wear his #19 ever again.

A hall of famer, a Conn Smythe winner, a multiple time Norris Trophy winner, and Stanley Cups coming out of the wazoo, both as a player and a coach, Robinson is regarded as one of the best players of all time, and I'd certainly put him in my top 6 defensemen of all time as well.

Ceremonies in Montreal start at 6:30 sharp this evening, where Robinson will be introduced by Lou Lamoriello (an interesting sight, to see Big Lou on the ice at the Bell Centre, it will be). As history has shown, it will certainly be a great ceremony, a fitting tribute, followed by a great match-up in Montreal vs. Ottawa, which takes a back seat tonight.

An important night for the Habs, both on the ice and up on the rafters, and an important game that takes a bit of a back seat.

I'll certainly be glued to my television set (wishing I was at the game... but hey, I got to go on Saturday so why am I complaining?), and hopefully all of you will be to.

Short blog today, but i'll save the tributes to the pros. Meanwhile, here's a tribute to Mr. Robinson courtesy of Youtube and Legends of hockey (sorry for stealing your Youtube bit Egg):


Eggshmeg said...

Don't worry, no thunder was stolen ;)

Robinson is truly a hockey legend, good to see him get some recognition.