Thursday, November 8, 2007

Leafs Lose To Sens, Look Ahead For Hope

After the Leafs looked to start off the week with a bang... they did just the opposite. The defense was sloppy and once again, did not care for goaltender Vesa Toskala. The offense was also lackluster and Toronto did not generate much in terms of anything really. Give Ottawa two points and leave ScotiaBank Place... job well done, boys.

Up next, the Buffalo Sabres. A inner-division rival club who has our number in the recent years, but with the Sabres struggling does this put an end to era that was? Or will the Sabres lay waste of the Buds and use them to break-out of their slump? Well, one thing to definitely count on is Andrew Raycroft starting after Vesa started 9 games in a row. And if memory serves correctly, the Sabres love to play Raycroft....yikes.

Next on the list is original six foe, New York Rangers. Keywords: Lundqvist, two shutouts in a row, Avery, Jagr, Rangers comeback. Watch out, Leafs. The Rangers are indeed a top conference team and they'll be looking to get back up there, the Leafs will have to be on their A-game and playing two nights in a row should help that...seeing on how we need a jump start to actually play a solid game.

So far, the Leafs are losing the games that ultimately led them to their demise last season....lose important games and miss the playoffs by a couple of points. If they want to attain that feat, then smarten the F up and start backing your goaltender Toskala, because he is playing very solid. Frankly, I'm extremely tired of seeing Vesa get ripped apart by laughable defense and lackluster effort by his teammates.

With all this said, I'm gonna try to stay as positive as possible this upcoming weekend, two teams, one on the up rise and one on the verge of breaking-out... play your cards rights, boys.


Max to the House said...

Nice article RG!
I was listening to Hockey Central on SN and they were saying that TO can not go with Raycroft only due to his lack of positive performances in the HSBC Arena. It will be interesting to see who goes for both teams as Buffalo has a game on saturday night against the Boston. I think we see JT on Saturday.

Eggshmeg said...

The picture isn't showing up on my end. You might want to edit it.

Ron Guillet said...

Thanks, Max. Great to see you here :D

Toskala should not start IMO. He's played 9 games in a row and his career high in GP is 38. We're gonna tire him out and maybe even force an injury. Raycroft needs to respond to Toskala's recent play and against the Sabres is a perfect test IMO.

Ron Guillet said...

Egg, the pic is on my end.... weird...:S