Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Game, Another Flyer Suspended

TSN reports that Scott Hartnell has received a two game suspension for his hit on Andrew Alberts. There was no real reason why Hartnell should have made the hit, since Alberts was already on his knees at the time of the hit. There is no word yet on Alberts condition, but it is speculated that he'll be alright.

Now I for one think that it was a little much. I agree that the hit should have been reviewed, and that Hartnell did deserve a slap on the wrist, but two games is too much. The five-minute penalty and game misconduct he received was enough. It looked like to me that Hartnell wanted to hurt Alberts because he was already in a vulnerable position when he began the hit, and drove his face into the boards.

Another Flyer to add to the list of suspensions. This can't all be a coincidence, can it? This was also the first meeting of the two teams since the Jones/Bergeron incident. Are the Flyers really going out to hurt the other team? If so, somebody needs to tell them that the Broad Street Bully days are over.


Ron Guillet said...

When you reach 4 times.....it's suddenly not an accident.

Professor Prax said...

How many incidents before John Stevens gets what he deserves and gets suspended?