Sunday, November 4, 2007

Crucial Week Ahead For The Maple Leafs

After defeating the Montreal Canadiens by a score of 3-2, the Leafs demonstrated a better club than previous games, but still sloppy. Let's not forget a horrible breakdown in the last 5 minutes of play versus the Devils; who took us apart with a shorthanded goal followed by another tally in just over a minutes time. So what club will show up Tuesday night in Ottawa? Well for starters, it better be a more than decent one because first of all, the Sens are 11-1-0, and on top of that we have the Sabres and Rangers to deal with in the same week.

This week will be an important one for the Leafs, they can get some character and respectability back by attaining 2 out of 3 with victories or better yet... 3 out of 3. Possible? Yes. Likely? No. Not with this club, the defensive woes are so mind numbingly obvious it pains me to say we'll be in over our heads to keep up with the Sens and Sabres... not to mention an uprising Rangers club ( who didn't think they'd come back... it was only a matter of time).

To aid our blue and white troops, one familiar face, followed by a new one, are set to join the team. The first being one of my favorite Maple Leafs... the crafty Kyle Wellwood is slated for a Tuesday return, but it's not set in stone. ''Welly'' will help the PP... immensely. Reason being is his play making abilities. Wellwood gives us a 3rd option on the PP and it's going to be duely noted and appreciated. PM can now use the Kaberle to McCabe one-timer ( when he's back of course), the Sundin shoot-from-the-circle technique, and now, Wellwood pass from the crease to Blake, seeing on how Tucker is injured.

The other trooper is one by the name of Mark Bell. After receiving a 15-game suspension, Mark Bell has finally got the chance for his Leafs debut, and who better then against the Sens, heh? Start it off with a goal, please! Bell will bring some much needed defensive play followed with some strong checking and even some offensive flair. But the question pertains; will Bell return to his 45 point, 25 goal self? Or will he turn out to be a 20 point guy who doesn't bring much expect for hitting and a 2.1 million dollar salary? All to be answered shortly.

Stay tuned, friends. It's sure to be a whopper of a week for this Leafs club. I leave you with this video to get your adrenaline rushing for the upcoming week. News Team! AAASSSEEMMBBLLEEE!


Eggshmeg said...

Curse those handsome Devils

Ron Guillet said...

You will get your time you play the Leafs! ........right? please! :(:(:(