Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quick Avs Preseason Note

I've been fairly busy with personal and school-related issues so I'll use those as an excuse for the lack of posting. I just thought I'd come on here to quickly post my thoughts on the Avs and their 2-0 record so far in the preseason. Hopefully point form is okay for anyone who cares to read this. :D
- Stastny is showing no signs of a sophomore slump, scoring 4 goals and 2 assists for 6 points in these two games. Even though it's the preseason, if this is any indication, he's going to have another heck of a year.
- Jaroslav Hlinka, the 30 year old forward who signed with the Avs having played his entire career before that in Europe, has also been impressive in these first two games, notching 3 assists.
- I'm not sure how I feel about the Smyth-Sakic-Brunette line that Coach Q seems to be going with. I realize that he likes to shuffle up his lines quite a bit, but I would think Brunette and Smyth would better serve the team playing on different lines, as they both like to get the garbage goals. But what do I know?
- Despite the fact that we have more than enough forwards I still think T.J. Hensick will make the team, and we will end up trading someone else away (Svatos?).
- Kyle Cumiskey played fairly well when brought up last season, and has so far played well this preseason, but we'll have to see if he makes the team, or if he's just the go-to guy in the case of injury.
- And one last preseason-related thought, where's Hejduk? *UPDATE: Hejduk is apparently out with a hip-flexor.*

I'd also like to share my thoughts on the team's new jerseys.

I like them. They're simple, they stay true to the original symbols, colors, and style, and the best part is that "COLORADO" isn't stuck on the front in big letters. I'll probably be getting one with good ol' #19 on the back.