Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Minnesota "Wild" Over Backstrom

Nicklas Backstrom came into last season as a relatively unknown goalie from Europe, but ended the season as the Wild's undisputed #1. They are so confident in him, that they decided to trade away Manny Fernandez to Boston. It's the same old story with critics, any goalie who plays with Jacques Lemaire as their coach will have their stats skewed, but anyone who has seen Backstrom play knows that he is there whenever the Wild need him most. He has a very relaxed style, and seems to never be out of position. He would love to rival Miikka Kiprusoff for the best goalie from Finland title. Josh Harding should be the backup. He spent most of the season in Houston of the AHL, but when Fernandez sprained his ankle in late January, he got a call up and went 3-2-1 with a 1.16 GAA in that limited time. He is still young and has potential to be a #1 sometime down the road. I believe he has finished his stay in the AHL, and I bet he hopes so too.

The Wild signed Nolan Schaefer in the offseason, and he should be their AHL starter. He has immense talent, but struggles with consistency. If he was able to fix the consistency problem, he would be able to start in the NHL, but unfortunately for him, it's a fairly big issue. There's no doubt he has talent, and he will try to prove himself playing for Houston. Miroslav Kopriva should battle Schaefer for playing time in Houston. He spent time last season between Houston and Texas of the ECHL, but most of the time (19 games) with Texas. He is only 23, but hasn't shown anything special since becoming pro. He'll certainly get a chance with Houston, but Schaefer should get the bulk of the load. Backstrom will be manning the net in Minnesota for the foreseeable future, with Harding as a possible future starter. Schaefer and Kopriva will battle it out for the third-string job.


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I'll say, there's more than 0 people who think Edmonton had the best offseason.

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