Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Ramblings

Oh what a busy week I have had and it shows no signs of slowing down! Hey all, Psy reporting from my laptop up in Niagara Falls, Canada where I am having a few cold ones with friends and family!

Enough about me, to the NHL! Bravo to the Sharks for resigning Marleau. Maybe now we will stop seeing his name everywhere in trade rumors. Joining Bryan Berard in the Islanders training camp will be Gord Dywer, who I personally am not thrilled about being at camp.

The Nashville Predators new ownership deal is coming along nicely. It's good to see that they will be staying down in there. I spent a night down in the area and was able to take in a game last season and enjoyed myself immensely.

More and more uniforms are hitting the scene and I am liking most of what I see. Not a fan of a few jerseys, but all in all, if it's good for the players and helps them perform better, I am all for it.

For now that is it, I seem to be out of Labatt Blue! Enjoy your holiday all, I know I will! Cheers!


Eggshmeg said...

I don't want you making any drunken blogs psy ;)

Psycom said...

I wasn't drunk, good sir! I was just at a party when I wrote it! hehe