Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Lonely Lighthouse

How hard is it being an Islanders fan? Pretty hard and that is just living in Long Island! How about being an Islanders fan deep in the heart of Sabre Country? Try almost impossible! For my first blog on Everything Hockey, I will share a little bit about my past, my present, and what you can expect from my posts! Buckle up, it might be a bumpy ride!

Only a young man of 26, I was born right into an Islanders family. I only spent a few years on the Island until my family decided to relocate across state to Buffalo. I grew up loving hockey from the moment I could lace up skates. I took right to goaltending as soon as I saw the equipment and the pure ability to change the course of a game. Through childhood to my teens I put on the gear for school and recreational teams. Modeling my style a mix between Ron Hextall, Steve Shields, and Felix Potvin, I was a decent puckstopper for my age. An unfortunate accident ended my hockey career as I took a solid slash to my kneecap where it shattered and required multiple surgeries to fix.

I continued to follow my desire through the NHL, even though I could not play myself. For a time (before the advent of DirectTV and cable company sports packages) I had to watch only Sabres games and could only see my beloved Islanders a few times a year. As I got older...and a bit techno-savvy...I can now watch the Islanders play year in and year out.

Today I follow the Islanders primary, but remain a fan of the entire NHL. I love all the aspects of hockey and enjoy discussing them. I am now happily married, yet my mistress is the NHL. You can look forward to some interesting articles about the happenings around the NHL and added focus on the Atlantic Division and the New York Islanders. I look forward to having some great hockey discussions with all you fans!


Eggshmeg said...

Hey! Another goalie! Great story though, I look forward to reading your thougts.

Psycom said...

Just a little Psy-background! hehe, expect some in depth blogs in the future!

ForeverFlyer16 said...

Yo, Psycom, why do I suddenly feel like I have to move my home to fit in with you guys. LOL

I enjoyed your initial blog and also look forward to more and to those "In depth blogs" to promise.

I can see were I'm going to have to buckle down and get serious just to stay close to you guys here.

Please keep up the good blogging.

Eggshmeg said...

LOL FF. When Prax gets here, he'll make you feel a little more comfortable.