Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Know-Nothing Rookie

Hello fellow bloggers and readers alike. A thanks to Eggs who invited me from another great site, I'm a Leaf fan. Just thought I'd get that out of the way first. I became a Leaf fan just like every other Leaf fan out there; indoctrination. My father, a quiet Leaf fan, had a friend who was a very loud Leaf fan. I enjoyed the game from a young age and had a Leaf jersey at the age of 4, just in time for my first great disappointment. As blurred as it is, I can remember bits and pieces of that magical playoff run that I had such a small understanding of. All I can really remember is that we lost, and that it wasn't exactly the best way to lose either. As I grew older I saw the Leafs do many things, all of which, at the time, were infallible but sure enough by years end the moves, which were praised by myself and millions of fans alike as great moves, proved to be not enough to get us all what we wanted.

It wasn't until two short years ago that I had a free box to watch a Leaf game did I truly realize what was going on. At the age of 16, I sat in one of many boxes which were built just for the purpose of business. From the box I had binoculars and found myself watching the entire lower bowl of fans, completely disinterested in the game itself, more than the game. Merchandise was marked up to seemingly 200%, food, drinks and parking followed suit. This wonderful hockey game that was being played infront of them all, didn't matter. The best seats in the house were used to sell something to the casually interested, not to please the biggest fan. Outside, there were scalpers selling tickets for two sometimes three times the price. Everybody got their cut. The Leafs won that game, but I was far from pleased from what I had learned. I always knew that money was part of the league, but it was much worse than I had ever imagined. Here are thousands of fans, if not millions who are absolutely crazy about their team, but at the same time so blind to see how badly they are getting screwed sideways every single year.

I have since then tried to become the complete opposite by keeping my team accountable and away from my money, until I see fit to change, even if I am one little man. I believe that changing teams is not for me, despite the endless failures and the lack of a plan to change it simply because that's not who I am. I'd rather continue to bleed blue, while keeping my cash where it belongs, in my pocket, than switch teams, even if that team is a winner. I may be crazy to believe this, but I believe one day this insane streak of 40 years, and counting, will end, and when it does, it will be a joy I will not want to miss. I would rather stick with my team and have them never win until well after I die, than switch teams and miss it, as unlikely as it may seem.

That's just a little bit about me. I may be 18, but I hope to bring many interesting, and quite different angles, to as many stories as possible be it for my own personal view, or, just for the fun of it. What I believe and what I don't is for you to guess and to attempt to know.


Eggshmeg said...

Welcome aboard U_G!

See I was kinda like you, except instead of sticking with the Leafs I jumped outta that train wreck as fast as I could! lol

I can take pride in the fact that I became a Devils fan in '94 when I was 4, the year before their first cup, so don't be calling me a bandwagoner!

Unholy_Goalie said...

Fair enough, but you're going to miss out when it finally happens.

I looked at the other blogs after I made my own. Probably should have added more to it. Live and learn.

Eggshmeg said...

Don't sweat it, it was fine. You'll get better

ForeverFlyer16 said...

Yo, U_G... Good to see you start off with a little rant; I can't wait until you really get rid of your imhabitions and let 'er really rip LOL

Real nice first blog... keep up the good work.

habscaps9 said...

WOW now theres 2 guys on this site who told me there work schedule wasd full and then they come and work for egg an EX-guy of mine as well!

Eggshmeg said...

Don't worry too much habscaps, we're still partners, I've got a link to your site up on the side. These guys just don't really want much to do with a "rumor" site, this situation is a little more comfortable I guess

Anonymous said...

then just say i dont want to do rumor site not MY WORK SCHEDULE DOES NOT ALLOW ME TO BLOG. Blogging is what there doing here wow i wonder how they survive at there jobs!

Leafer93 said...

Nice starting blog. Looking forward to what you have to say about the Leafs this season.


Tammi said...

Like OMG I'm a total leafs fan! I don't knoow why ppl critize them sooo much. They never did anything 2 you! Sure their defence is a little off but they can come back, RIGHT?!? I'm gonna laugh at all of the non supporters when the win the stanley cup soon. WOO HOO! LONG LIVE THE LEAFS!(.Y.)