Saturday, December 15, 2007

McCabe Breaks Hand in 3 Places, Leafs Nation Rejoices?

But seriously folks, I don't want to hear anything from the people who were ragging on him earlier this year. You wanted him gone, you got your wish. It looks like he'll be out for a while now. McCabe was hit awkwardly into the boards by Canadiens forward Andrei Kostitsyn in the third period, and looked severely injured right away. After the game it was announced that McCabe suffered 3 broken bones in his hand on the play and will likely miss over six weeks, more if surgery is necessary. Leafs coach Paul Maurice was livid with the play after the game, basically calling it a cheap shot. I'm pretty sure that it was just the emotions talking, but you still have to be able to control what you say. Kostitsyn clearly did not intend to hurt McCabe, and nothing else should come of this.

To add insult to injury, with McCabe writhing in pain on the ice, the Habs' Alex Kovalev was able to go down the ice and score his 14th goal of the season. The rambunctious crowd of over 21 thousand (our own Ron Guillet one of them) saw goaltender Carey Price make 28 saves for the win, the same night that Jaroslav Halak was sent back down to Hamilton because of Cristobal Huet's injury being over. When you really boil it down, the Leafs not only lost the game tonight, they also lost their top minute eater which could prove to be their biggest loss of all.


Brochu said...

Maurice's reaction was quite emotional. I agree, there won't be any suspension coming for Kostitsyn.

Anonymous said...

I agree, no suspension. However, definitely a missed call. Kostitsyn spun McCabe with hand.

Ron Guillet said...

The hit was clean. Just a freak accident.

And yes..... I just had to be at a 4-1 drubbing, didn't I? Atmosphere was fantastic though!

Greg Balloch said...

Where did you sit?

Make sure you blog about your "little adventure" in Montreal :D

Ron said...

I was sitting in section 316 Row D.

And I will definitely blog about it, probably tonight :)