Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sundin Shoves Official, Leafs Hit Rock Bottom

Watching Paul Maurice's post-game interview tonight, a game in which his team gave up a 2-0 lead on San Jose to lose it 3-2, I got a sense of sadness. That was odd for me because, 1. I'm not a Leafs fan and 2. I haven't ever felt that before, watching him speak. I've always got a sense of either frustration, anger, or even the odd time, happiness (the very odd time). Something is definitely up in Toronto in order to give Maurice that feeling. I'm not sure if it's the feeling of a man who is about to lose his job, or just a man so purely dejected that he is saddened by it.

The frustration came to a head at the end of the game when Leafs' captain Mats Sundin shoved a linesman who was in his way. It was by no means a forceful push, more of a "get out of my way", but he still made contact. Abusing an official in any way, shape or form is a big deal. Verbally or physically. The latter obviously being more serious. You can't use the excuse of "Maybe he didn't know it was the ref" because you have to be in control of yourself at all times, and unfortunately Sundin snapped for just a second.

I feel bad for Sundin, I really do, but he should have thought twice before he did what he did. I can't even begin to think about how many kids look up to this guy. As the captain, and leader of this team, it is clear he should not have done it. He let the pressure of the media and front office get to him, and gave them what they wanted. Public frustration. Now his actions will be talked about for days, putting his team in a negative perspective, and possibly causing his coach or GM's job to be lost. Not exactly what the doctor ordered for this struggling Leafs team.

Here's the video, courtesy of Youtube in case you missed it:


Ron said...

Trade him. Completely unacceptable! Nudging a ref!!? TRADE HIS ASS!

Fab said...

Trade him because he shoved a ref??? Sundin is the only player left on that team that actually cares...people like you are the ones that cause ridiculous posts in the media and ridiculous rumours to surface. Watch some hockey and then make an educated comment.

Anonymous said...

hes bein sarcastic

Ron said...

fab, I am just joking. I want Sundin to be traded to implement some youth in our system. I guess I failed at my joke. :(