Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Early Information on NHL 09 Released

The first bit of news on the all-new EA Sports video game NHL 09 was released in the form of the cover athlete earlier this month. Dion Phaneuf's mug will grace the cover, and is the focus of the first trailer video released, which you can watch here.

Since then, some other information on the actual game has been slowly released. For starters, a preliminary release date has been set for September 9th, so mark that on your calendars. 60 frames/per second gameplay has been confirmed for the Playstation 3, unlike last year.

The first major feature added is "legendary moves." The most famous moves in NHL history (the Datsyuk fake, the Crosby leg kick, Jussi Jokinen's patented penalty shot move) are all in there at your disposal. Not a lot of other information has been given about the moves, like how to use them, it has only been confirmed that they're in there.

Skates and sticks are fully interactive. Players may get spun around because they get caught on the stick of a defender, or the puck may be smacked away unexpectedly. There is no more "magnet" feeling to puck handling. The puck is no longer glued to the stick on a pass, the stick will actually have to move to the puck. I am excited about this feature, as it makes the game much more realistic. I can't wait to see this baby in action.

In NHL 08 goalies had probably 10 set moves or so, making it very boring and expected. In NHL 09 they have added an all new "desperation save" where a goalie may come flying across the net, right when you think he's down and out. This should lead to some jaw-dropping moments.

Freezing issues, fixed. 1000 hip checks a game, gone. New ways to injure players have been added. Hitting is more difficult. Again, there is no more "magnet" feeling. You may go in for the hit, and completely miss, slamming into the boards.

New stick-lifting feature, which makes it easier to steal the puck away. Watch out though, if you miss you may high stick the player. If it's serious enough then it can be a 4 minute double minor.

Create a play can now start from your own end. Separate line changes for offense and defense, and retro jerseys have been added. New European leagues have also been added. Here are the leagues available in NHL 09:

National Hockey League
American Hockey League
International Teams.
Russian Elite
German Elite
Swedish Tournament
Finnish Tournament
Czech Elite

Another new feature that has been added, Superstar Mode. I know a lot of people will be happy about this. I know I will be plugging many hours into it. An all-new create-a-player will compliment this new mode. You will most likely start off in the AHL, and work your way up. During time on the bench, it will show you what you did right, and what you did wrong. Your shifts will dictate how your attributes fluctuate.

Custom soundtracks will be available, so you'll be able to choose what song to play in certain situations (Goal, penalty, over the glass, etc.) That is a new and exciting feature that I can't wait to fiddle around with.

When a player scores it will tell you how many goals they have on the season, they have brought that back for NHL 09.

There is also a "big surprise" that they have not revealed yet.

They will be in tough competition since 2K sports just announced that they will be making NHL 2K9 for the Wii, while NHL 09 will not be out for the Wii. That's all that I've read about the game, I just can't wait until the release!


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