Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Little Humor To Lighten Up Your Day

This is courtesy of Number 23 of

Throughout its history, the NHL has had its share of "characters," and now is no different.

We all know that John Tortorella looks like Fonzie and Sidney Crosby looks like Butt-head, but here's a few you might not have noticed...

Jacques Martin / Ratatouille

I wonder what kind of chef Martin is...

Jack McIlhargey / Waldorf

Each knows what it's like to sit in "the box."

Pierre McGuire / Mr.Peanut

But which is really nuttier?

Mike Milbury / Jughead

No arguments from Long Island, I'll bet!

Don Cherry / Clarabell

If only Cherry talked like him, too.

Rick Jeanneret / Al Czervik (from Caddyshack)

"Hey everybody, the population of Pominville's gonna get laid!"

Great job Number 23

I hope to be doing one of these every week or maybe every day but im not sure check into the site and you will be sure to find out!

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